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Asset Management & Planning

The asset management know-how of Irwin Consulting has been developed over many years. Our financial methods combine convention and creativity. Refined strategies with a long-term perspective and a traditional slant focus on stability and order. Most of all, we aim to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Our approach is definitely unlike most asset management companies, who seem to use rather sluggish “portfolio theory” asset diversification methods mixed with fairly dynamic stock-picking strategies founded on “bottom-up” elementary investigation and/or technical study.

Our clients, we believe, deserve a better deal by providing them with an overall, holistic method intended to keep them completely invested in a semi-passive, finely-assorted portfolio of ETFs, taking protective steps to safeguard asset only during comparatively rare times of major downside fluctuations (bear markets).

Irwin Consulting issue stock-picking in lieu of having finely-assorted baskets of stocks, such as low-cost index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Not only does much of the research show that personal security choice plays a much smaller part in influencing long-term gains than asset class, style, and sector selection do over less time, having too much exposure in one particular firm that explodes can cause great harm to the whole portfolio.


A. Irwin Consulting delivers wide-ranging capital management services for individuals, pension accounts, and charitable endowment funds.

B. Irwin Consulting use a custom-fitted method which is client-driven and designed to attain short and long-term objectives.

C. Irwin Consulting provides expert, personal track-record in stocks and bonds, including economic history, trends, and correlative theory.

D. Irwin Consulting involves a member of your own personal and professional group. The company works closely with your attorney, accountant, and personal counselors and mentors.